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Blurry Blokes are a new type of NFT that only come into focus once you purchase them.
Each Blurry Bloke is handmade and not generated with any code of any type.
Launching in 2022 from Ottophobia Studios Los Angeles.
Each is 1/1. The first 8 will be given away in December 2021.
Official launch is 2022.
After the December giveaway, 50 will be released at a time. Small batches = extremely rare collectibles.


December 25th, Christmas Day 2021, The first 8 Blurry Blokes
were released in a GIVEAWAY to random followers on

December 30th 2021 First 3 High Rollers are released on Opensea.
Each is 10 ETH and 1/1. As the title suggests, these are only for serious High Rollers.
There will only be 100 of these ever made.
These will not be your standard Blurry Blokes and will feature
special embossed Blokes on a Polygon Challenge Coin.
Each will be a different color Coin and will feature
unique pixelated effects.

Jan. 2022 Remaining 42 Blurry Blokes from the first 50 are released.
Each is .08 ETH and 1/1 Blurry Blokes are blurry until you collect
one and then you are sent a private link to the
corresponding unblurry version of your collectible.

Blurry Blokes are designed by visionary Artist and Magazine Publisher,
Johnny Otto out of his Los Angeles-based Ottophobia Studios.
Each NFT is made by hand and not using any code.

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