Johnny Otto’s #findart Project / Hiding Art for the public to find

Los Angeles, CA – September 28, 2017 – Emerging Artist Johnny Otto has, for the last 6 months, been hiding a piece of his art work somewhere in Hollywood and then leaving clues on his instagram and other social media so that his fans can search for it, and, if they find it, they keep it.

Instagram Follower found Johnny Otto's painting on the roof of Aroma Cafe on Sunset Blvd.

Art Reveal Magazine recently wrote, “While many, including myself, have compared his work to Basquiat, a side by side comparison would not hold up. It is just that there is little other reference in the last 30-40 years of contemporary painting. One can see the Neo-Expressionistic, wild-child, intense subjectivity and rough handling of acrylic paint and markers that Basquait favored, but Otto definitely has his own style. His figures are like massive fertility Goddesses dancing wildly and free. His work is clearly driven by an explosion of passion rather than carefully constructed details. There are also traces of Picasso and Haring and African Art in general. It is not what one would normally call “fine art’ and certainly doesn’t have the obsessive details of Fine Artists, but does that mean it’s not Fine Art? His colors are bold and prime. The black lines look like chalk scribblings. He had fun making this gigantic piece and it shows in every stroke. You feel happy and overwhelmed at the same time, when surrounded by it. In reference to Johnny Otto’s art, fellow Artist Amber Christianson said, “I see a postmodern man shaking off his false identities and dancing naked in front of the primordial fire.”

Johnny Otto is a prolific painter whose work has been compared to Jean-Michel Basquiat, George Condo, Picasso, Keith Haring, and many other influential artists of the last century. He lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. He has been part of the underground art scene in LA since the early 90’s when he took part in the Novian-Miller show “Mega Boys”. Other shows included the Angel Art Benefit hosted by David Hockney and Herb Ritts at the Pacific Design Center, shows at 01 Gallery, Ministry, Headquarters. Johnny Otto is also one of the Co-Founders of Art Squat, an artists collective which took over abandoned buildings in the 90’s and transformed then into galleries. He has most recently been part of Jeff Hamilton’s Street Art Fair and is curating a group show for the newly formed Union Gallery DTLA. He also has several large public mural projects in the works and is planning a major solo show for the early part of 2018.

Johnny Otto painting at Jeff Hamilton's Studio for the Street Art Fair 2017


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